What is Gummy Smile Surgery?

For many, your gummy smile is up to your own perception. However, many dentists can treat a gummy smile that has more than 4 millimeters or just over an eighth of an inch of gum showing whenever you smile. With gummy smile surgery, your dentist can correct a smile where the teeth look too small or the gums are too prominent. In most cases, a gummy smile can be corrected with surgery that actually lowers the upper lip so that less of your gum line shows each time you smile. Additionally, gummy smile surgery requires a much shorter recovery period than jaw surgery and has fewer side effects and risks.

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When Do I Need A Gummy Smile Surgery?

You should consider this type of treatment if you feel like your gums are the focal point of your smile. If you would like to expose your teeth more evenly and improve your overall confidence in your smile, this surgery is a great treatment option. You should also consider treatment if you’d like to enhance the fullness of your upper lip, create a more relaxed smile or bring balance to your facial structure without plastic surgery.

What Is The Cost Of A Gummy Smile Surgery?

This is a common question that is often asked regarding this highly successful procedure. In most instances, gummy smile surgery will cost patients anywhere from $300 to as much as $8,000 for the entire procedure. However, it should be noted that cases that require multiple visits and procedures could cost considerably more. As with other types of dental treatments and procedures, the cost will depend on the particular situation at hand, the doctor or surgeon being used and even the geographical location of the patient. Talking with your dental care provider or oral surgeon is the best way to know exactly how much the procedure can be expected to cost you specifically.

How To Pay For Your Dental Treatment?

The procedure is considered to be cosmetic in nature and as such may not be covered by a patient’s insurance. While there may be some exceptions to the rule such as when surgery is required to correct an injury that is the result of an accident, patients should talk with their dental care provider and their insurance company for further specifics. As previously mentioned, the cost of gummy smile surgery can be expected to range between $300 and $8000 depending on the amount of surgical work involved and the overall complexity of the case. Patients can expect certain things to be included with gummy smile surgery.

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