What is Braces?

Dental braces, better known in the dentist’s office as orthodontic cases, are a series of wires and anchors placed on each tooth to pull the teeth together with tension. The purpose is to straighten and align teeth that may have grown in crooked or sideways or been shifted due to an impact. The repositions occurs over time, and the eventual result is a better bite as well as a more appealing appearance when a person smiles.

When Do I Need Braces?

Braces are not applied until a dentist has made thorough examination of a patient and has determined a serious alignment is necessary. Minor alignments are often served by a different tool, known as a retainer, which is a removal wire unit that applies tension to a row of teeth. Braces follow the same principle but apply more tension. They are also permanently glued to the patient’s teeth until removed by a dentist after the desired change has occurred. Braces take some getting used to, which is why many cases are applied to children before their adult teeth become set in place over time. Braces are custom-tailored to the patient, so the process requires a number of visits and professional installation by a dentist.

What Is The Cost Of Braces?

The costs of your orthodontic treatment may usually be covered partially by your dental insurance plan or extended dental coverage. If you are looking for more information about a specific service and the costs associated, contact one of our representatives for help. Our treatment coordinators can help you come up with an affordable way for you to pay for the oral health services you need. For more savings visit our specials page, sign up for our informational newsletter below, and like our Facebook page.

How To Pay For Your Dental Treatment?

We accept most forms of payment and several insurance providers. We are committed to providing you with affordable orthodontic care on your terms. We offer flexible and affordable monthly payment plans to help you through this important time in your child’s life and yours.

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