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Root canal treatment is performed when the pulp of the tooth has been infected or inflamed.


Root canal retreatment is performed when the root canal has been infected again.


While most teeth can be treated, sometimes surgery can repair issues that standard treatment cannot.


Do you have questions about root canal treatments? Read on to learn the answers to the most …

Here at Omega Dental, we offer all types of endodontic treatments including root canal treatment, root canal retreatment, andendodontic surgeryor apical surgery. This page will discuss these treatments and other related procedures.

Your first visit will include an examination and a review of your treatment options. In most cases, your root canal treatment will be started that day. However, if you have a complicated medical history, or you require specialized dental services, we may schedule a second appointment to begin the treatment.


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The interior of the tooth is made up of pulp, and this pulp can become infected. When this occurs, an Endodontist often performs a root canal to take the pulp out of the tooth and seal up that tooth to end the pain and infection.

The interior of a molar can be harder to treat than the front teeth, and an endodontist is often called on to perform root canals on molars as well as on teeth that have extremely infected pulp. This specialist can treat an infection inside a tooth as well as drain pus from infected teeth.

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Root canal treatment is necessary when there is infection or inflammation in the pulp.Many things can cause infection inside the root canal, including big decay, dental procedures, and dental trauma.

An Endodontist will remove pulp that is infected. Then, he or she cleans out the inside of the root canal and fills space before sealing it. After the root canal, you should return to the dentist who places a crown or restoration on the tooth to protect it. Afterward, the repaired tooth will function like a brand new tooth!

How Much Does Endodontic Procedure Cost?

The cost of a root canal or other related procedure will vary depending on the complexity of the situation and which tooth is affected. Molars, for instance, are harder to treat. Many dental insurance policies provide some coverage for this type of treatment. As a general rule, treatment and restoration cost less than the option of extraction and replacement with an implant or bridge.


根管治疗是一个牙科手术,以减轻the pain and save a patient’s tooth. The patient is a candidate for the treatment if the tooth has infections in the root, and there is swelling. An endodontist who specializes in root canal procedure will remove the pulp and tissues, clean inside the tooth, and have it sealed. The pulp contains blood vessels and connective tissues that surround the root. The pulp is only important when the teeth are developing and is not needed when they reach maturity.

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To determine if you are a candidate for a root canal is not always automatic. The endodontist will have to know the symptoms and characteristics of the infected tooth. These will include clinical testing and x-ray evaluation of the tooth. First, are the clinical signs that only a dentist’s eye will know if there is a problem in the nerve space. Signs of an existing problem are infection or abscess draining, changes in soft tissue, and darkening of teeth. Also, after the dentist quizzes you on the symptoms, they will complete the evaluations that confirm if you need a root canal. These symptoms are lingering tooth sensitivity to cold and hot, tender gums, and pain when biting and chewing.


The cost of a root canal procedure will depend on the state you will have the procedure. Other determiners are if you will pay from your pocket without insurance and the dental facility. A high-end dental facility will be more expensive than those who are starting the practice. The root canal cost will vary with the teeth position that needs the treatment; either they are front or back teeth. Front teeth will range from $400 up to $1000, Bicuspids will range from $500 to $1100, while the Molars will range from $600 to $2000. These costs are inclusive of x-rays. The dental crown will cost from $400 to $1500 per tooth. Other costs are dental follow-ups.

Root Canal Cost

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Many Americans have a dental insurance cover which only caters for a routine dental checkup. Depending on the policy, the insurance will cover between 40% to 90% of the root canal cost procedure. The insurance will meet the treatment costs only after the insured has paid the deductibles. However, the insurer may refuse to pay for other treatments such as the dental crown, and the endodontist therapy if you recently purchased the policy. It is advisable to purchase a full coverage dental insurance that you can use from the first day without any restrictions. These will also cover dental treatment follow-ups.


When an infection recurs after in a root canal procedure, or healing of the tooth fails, then retreatment is recommended. A root canal is meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes the tooth may become painful some months or even years after the procedure. An endodontist will evaluate the possible causes of the recurring issues and provide a corrective root canal treatment.

The retreatment will require the removal of the previous filling and placing a temporary filling. On the scheduled next visit, the temporary filling is removed, reshaped, and cleaned. The endodontist will fill and seal the new root canal with a temporary filling. During this procedure, the tooth may fracture and will require restoration to full functionality.

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